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Home For The Holidays

Last weekend was one of my favorite in recent months. On Sunday I ate cake for a pre-breakfast appetizer (totally a thing on your birthday) and had shrimp and grits for my actual breakfast. Which, if you don’t know me, is one of my favorite foods.
We followed a morning of great food up with heading to a local tree farm to pick the perfect tree. This year was extra nice because it was warm and sunny out! Not usual for Ohio this time of year, but we were thrilled to not be freezing. My husband and I both agreed we wanted to get a smaller tree. We looked high and low and found a great one. My husband got to use his ax, our oldest pulled the sled with the baby in it, and I took all the pictures and videos. It was a great afternoon.
I enjoy decorating our home for Christmas. With a very curious toddler running around, I kept it simple. I have picked up all the decor from thrift stores, on sale after the holidays, or it’s been gifted to me over the years.
There is something so magical and …

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