Kitchen Systems To Help Keep You Sane

I’m a wife, mom, and friend. I have a job. I (try to) keep the house clean, cook the meals, keep the yard presentable, and attempt to etch out a bit of time for self care. My life is full. And if I’m being honest, it’s always been like this.

I can’t imagine it any other way.   

But. When life is full, it’s important to find ways that help your days and weeks go smoother. Find things that you can do that make you feel the slightest bit put together. For me, it’s making sure my family is well fed. If nothing else gets accomplished at our house, at least I know we all ate something great.

This will be a multiple part series on some of the systems that I have put into place, that ensure my family always eats well. These are things that help my day to day run more smoothly and keep our stomachs full. You will find information on how I put together our meal plan, a service I utilize when we are in a season of busy that provides the meal plans, recipes, and grocery list for a nominal fee, how we eat the same thing for breakfast Monday-Friday, and the importance of a pantry/freezer challenge a few times a year.  

For me, I find that having a plan for what's going on in our kitchen helps me to feel more organized, saves time, and saves money.

Organized- I avoid that 5:30 question of blank staring into the refrigerator wondering what I should make for dinner, all while the tiny tornado is destroying everything that comes into her path and the big needs help with her homework.

Time- After putting together a plan, (breakfast, lunch, and dinner), I make the grocery list. It has everything written out, divided by store for any and all things we will need that week. The list is inclusive of diapers, dog food, cleaning supplies, and food. It’s always my plan to only go to the store ONCE a week. Do I forget things sometimes, sure. But by avoiding making multiple trips a week, I am saving time. I’m also avoiding picking up those fun extras that catch my eye when I run in for “just a few things”.  Leading us to how a meal plan, saves money.

Saves Money- Making 1 stop at the store every week or so helps prevent impulse purchases. When you plan your meals and make a grocery list based off those items, it helps keep you from buying a bunch of random ingredients that can't be turned into a meal. Which, either sends you to the store to pick up filler items (spending more money and those ever so tempting impulse purchases) or has you running for takeout.

I’m looking forward to sharing what’s helped me over the years. My hope is that it’ll encourage you to try implementing some things into your routine that will help streamline your day or week. If nothing else, I hope you find one thing you can always have done, that leaves you feeling more put together. None of these will be a one size fits all, but hopefully it’ll help you draw inspiration or give you a few ideas.


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