Breakfast All Week

In this series we are discussing kitchen systems that I have put into place in our home that have helped streamline my days and weeks. Check out my why. You can also see how I create a meal plan, and what I do when I just can't meal plan.

Growing up my dad got us up and ready for school, including making us breakfast. I never remember having cereal for breakfast. He always made us a delicious hot breakfast. It’s what my granny had done for him, so it’s what he did for us. Pancakes, bacon, eggs, sausage, oatmeal, you name it, we had it.

Fast forward to when my oldest started school. I kept with the tradition of hot breakfast. It was important to me. I enjoyed giving her the same ‘gift’ my dad gave us.

But then something changed.

I had another baby.

Tending to a newborn, helping my school girl get ready, packing her lunch, making myself presentable for the drop off lane, AND managing to get this hot breakfast on the table all before leaving the house at 7:15 in the morning. Was I crazy? Because most days, it caused me to feel overwhelmed, stressed out, and like a failure when I wasn’t able to get it all done. Which is ridiculous, I know. And on the days it did all pan out, it was because I got up WAY earlier than everyone else.

Anyone that has ever had a baby knows how precious sleep is. And I was willing to give it all up in an effort to be super mom. Something had to give, I had to find some balance.

Please don’t think there is anything wrong with cereal for breakfast. If that works for your family and everyone is happy, go for it! For me, a hot breakfast is really important.

This is when I started implementing “weekly breakfast”. It helped to alleviate the most time consuming aspect our mornings, cooking breakfast.

We eat the same thing for breakfast Tuesday-Friday. I have my kitchen day (more on this later) on Mondays and we start eating it on Tuesday.

I prep enough of whatever we are having to last us 4-5 days. I keep it in the fridge, so it’s ready to be heated up and eaten all week. It can easily be packed to take to work as well. Then, on the weekends, we do something entirely different.

Does eating the same thing for 5 days get old? Not really. The ease of having it ready to go, for me, trumps the need for variety. Several of the things that I make, I am able to make a couple variations of it at the same time, so that keeps it fresh and new too.

My goal for breakfast is that it’ll have a protein, carbohydrate, and fruit. On the weeks that we have something like baked oatmeal, I’ll pair it with hard boiled eggs. We always have an assortment of fruit, so everyone is free to grab whatever looks good to them that day. Below is a list of things that we not only enjoy but that also keeps well in the fridge.

  • Breakfast Sandwiches (bagels, English muffin, ham, bacon, sausage, egg, cheese)
  • Baked Oatmeal (plain, chocolate chip, pumpkin spice, apple cinnamon, banana nut)
  • Overnight Oats (peanut butter and jelly, blueberry muffin, carrot cake, “Reese's cup”)
  • Breakfast Cookies
  • Quiche (ham and cheese, spinach, sausage, veggie)
  • Baked Pancake
  • Yogurt and Granola
  • Biscuit Sausage Casserole
  • Breakfast Tacos (eggs, sausage/bacon, salsa, avocado,)

If you are at all struggling with breakfast, or you’d like to start feeding your family a hot breakfast on your busiest days, give this a try. It has been the perfect solution for us.


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