What's Cooking October 16th

After talking about how I make my meal plan and laying out what kitchen day is, I had several requests to see my weekly meal plans and also to see what my kitchen day for that week looks like. I love seeing other people’s plans, so I am more than happy to do this.

This week my mother in law will be visiting so we won’t be having our usual 2 leftover nights. I don’t like serving my guests leftovers for dinner. I know she wouldn’t mind, but I am just not a fan.  So we’ll be reserving those for after she’s gone.

Monday- Roast Chicken, Red Skin Potatoes, and Green Beans (rolled over from last week)
Tuesday- Minestra Soup with Crescent Rolls
Wednesday- Pizza with Salad (It’s a take and bake. Great for busy nights!)
Thursday- Smoked Pork (My husband made a bunch this summer and I froze some.), Baked Beans, Oil and Vinegar Slaw
Friday- Angel Chicken over Pasta with Chopped Salad
Saturday- Poor Man’s Stew with Garlic Bread
Sunday- Leftovers

Weekly Breakfast- Banana Bread with Hard Boiled Eggs and Fruit
Saturday- French Toast, Scrambled Eggs, and Bacon
Sunday- Quiche with Fruit
Lunch- Spinach Salad with Chicken or Sausage.

Kitchen Day Prep:

  • Bake 2 loaves of banana bread.
  • Boil 18 eggs.
  • Make 2 quiche (Both going into freezer. 1 for Sunday, 1 for another time.)
  • Roast chicken and sausage for salads.
  • Make dinner (already in the kitchen with a hot oven, might as well!).


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