When You Just Can't Meal Plan

In this series we are discussing kitchen systems that I have put into place in our home that have helped streamline my days and weeks. This is my why and this is how I make a meal plan.

My oldest was headed back to school in a few week. The baby had just turned 1. I found myself trying to squeeze every last ounce of summer out of those days. I wanted to be outside, by the water, enjoying lazy mornings, or playing in the garden. I was also tired and drained from trying to do all the things. Funny how that works isn’t it?  We were also gearing up for a new school year, new rhythms and routines. I was trying to figure out how to make all the puzzle pieces fit.

In the midst of all this, my culinary heart was just not feeling creative. I’d scan through pinterest and nothing was really getting my attention. My master list felt boring. I’d sit down to do our meal plans and I just did not have it in me. I still wanted to eat great food, I still loved cooking, and I still craved variety, but I just wanted a break from the planning part.

A blog I have followed for years. Tiffany offers real food for real families. I trust her recipes and have adapted many of them over the years into some of our family favorites.

Eat At Home Cooks offers weekly meal plans. Each month you get access to three separate (4 weeks each), meal plans. The plans include Traditional, Slow Cooker, and Whole Food. 6 dinners and 1 dessert are included every week. You log in, pick which menu looks good to you, print the color-coded grocery list along with the recipes and head to the store.

It is seriously that easy!

The color and number coded grocery list makes it so easy to find the ingredients for each meal. You can cross off what you already have or if you want to skip a meal entirely. The traditional and whole food menus have a variety of meals that include quick fix and slow cooker. I found myself using the slow cooker menu the most. I did not need a slow cooker meal every night, but many of the recipes are easily adapted to the stove top or oven.

Tiffany writes on her blog:


  • 15 Minute Meals for those SUPER busy nights
  • Traditional, Slow Cooker & Whole Foods plans – you get access to ALL three plans!
  • Access to the entire month at once so you can plan ahead and shop minimize your shopping trips!
  • Small family (3-4 servings) and large family (6-8 servings) plan sizes lets you avoid waste (or cook for leftovers!)
  • 1 Hour Freezer Stash
  • Plans – a new plan each month to stock your freezer with 6 meals in 1 hour for the ultimate in time-saving meal prep
  • Color-coded grocery lists make it easy to swap out ingredients or whole meals
  • Printable recipes for easy cooking
  • Printable menus to hang on the fridge or near your calendar, so you (and your family) can easily see what’s for dinner

These plans not only gave my brain a much needed break, but it guaranteed dinner was on the table and my foodie heart was happy. The food is tasty and approachable.  I plan on using this wonderful service anytime I find myself needing a break.

I’m sure you’re thinking, this sounds great, but how much is it?

Monthly:   $14.00
Quarterly: $31.00
Yearly:      $84.00

I love that the pricing keeps this service practical for all families. In fact, it's cheaper than me getting one fancy coffee drink a week. It has helped me so much! I want to add that this is not a sponsored post. I happily pay for a subscription and all thoughts and opinions shared are my own. If you still aren’t sure, Tiffany offers a FREE preview week.  When you just can't meal plan or maybe you just don't want to meal plan, let eat at home cooks help you. I am a raving fan!


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