November Music

Over on Instagram, I have had several people ask me what I am listening to. Probably because it’s always in the background of my stories. Music is part of my everyday. I rotate between it, podcasts, and whatever book I’m currently “reading” via audio book.

My taste in music is all over the board and depends on my mood. It can range from inappropriate 90’s gangster rap (Notorious B.I.G. anyone?) to Florida Georgia Line, and all, ok, most, of the stuff that falls in between.

I made a Spotify playlist of what I am loving right now. You can check it out here.

80% of it is new to me that I have fallen for over the last month or so and the other 20% are some old favorites. I was informed by one of my favorite people, whom is 10 years younger than me, that this particular list is very hipster. I think that was a compliment? Maybe?

All I know is it’s a nice mix of chill, living room dance party, cool enough to have on in the background with friends over, and safe to listen to while you run your kids to school. Because, #momlife.

I took to google to figure out what genres these bands are considered. It appears that this fall I am all about indie rock, with a sprinkling of blues, folk, and traditional rock.

No spotify? No Problem. Here's a preview of the list.


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