The Ultimate Clutter Free Gift Guide

The holidays are here!

If you’re like me, you like to give gifts that have some special meaning behind them. You also want to give gifts that are not going to add to anyone’s clutter or their already vast amount of stuff. You know, the person that has everything.

Or maybe you know a child that already has all of the things.

Enter in, my guide for clutter free gifts.

A clutter free gift can be described in a few ways.

  • Something they need. Not want. Not that you think they need. An actual need. Like a coat, boots, or something for school.
  • Something that can be consumed.
  • It isn’t physical.

This list includes things that could be given to any member of the family and is in no particular order. All pictures are linked and will shoot you over to amazon.

Music lessons.
Art lessons/Class.
Family Photos.
Seeds, Starts, or Plants. As a gardener-- I would love this!


Beer. Something local to your area that’ll be fun and new to them. Or perhaps just something that you know is their favorite.

Wine Subscription. Like this one.

Money for their college fund or savings account.

Etsy Gift Card. If you know someone that loves homemade items, this is great.

Car Detailing.

Fill a need. Ask them what you could help them with. Or what they could use.

Opt for no gifts. I may get some kick back for this but suggest just having dinner together and hanging out. Quality time is one of the best gifts. My friends and I stopped exchanging gifts many years ago. It's been wonderful.

Blocks/Legos/Duplos depending on age. Blocks are a quintessential childhood toy.

Bubbles. To me, this is a consumable. Once the container is empty, you throw it out.

Sidewalk chalk. Again, I consider this a consumable.

Water toys/table or baby pool. We tend to forget about warm weather toys in the cooler months. But because it gets stored outside, I consider that clutter free.

Magazine subscription. I love this site . They are always running incredible sales.

Date night. Provide the babysitting and a gift card for dinner, movie tickets, or bowling. This is a wonderful gift for parents that don’t typically spend money on date night. Fun fact, you can buy gift cards on amazon!

Museum/Children's Museum membership. My mother in law got this for us this year, and I am so excited about it! Since we are members, we can pop in and not feel bad for only staying an hour. It’s a great place to spend cold, rainy, or scorching hot days too.

Zoo/Aquarium Membership. This gift can be for the whole family.

Coffee/Coffee accessories. If you know a coffee lover, a new fun mug, french press, or gourmet beans is sure to make them happy.

For the food lover or cook, fancy salts, spices, oils, or a nice aged or infused vinegar.

Tickets to a sporting event.

Tickets to an amusement or water park.

Summer Camp. This is big gift, but one that a few people could chip in together on.

Make them a no sew blanket.

A bird feeder and seed. It may seem random, but they make a beautiful addition to someone's yard. They are also a wonderful learning tool for children.

Wind chime.

Gym membership. If you know a workout buff, offer to cover a few months of their membership.

Magazine subscription.

Recipe and the ingredients to make it. We did this last year as a couples gift for our friends. I wrote out my granny’s recipe for cornbread and gave it to them with an artisan grade cornmeal and a new pan to bake it in.

For the gun lover, AMMO. They can never, ever, have too much. Or so my husband likes to tell me.

An experience. Look at groupon for their area.  Flying in the co-pilot seat, driving a race car, ballroom dance class, wine tasting, fishing in Alaska, or a hunting trip to Montana. The sky's the limit to what they offer.

Chocolate. {Raising hand!} Put together a few really nice chocolate bars or a box of truffles. A gourmet hot chocolate mix would also be good for a chocolate lover.  


The gift of time. This is especially great to give to your spouse. Ask them what project(s) or chore you can do for them.

Plane ticket. Do they have a friend or family member that lives far away that they would love to go visit? Make it happen for them.

Flowers. Send them a seasonal bouquet. Or if your budget allows, have flowers sent once a month for a few months.

Make A Donation To A Charity. If the person or family you are shopping for has a special place in their heart for cancer research, veterans, homeless, or clean water, make a donation in their name to a charity they’re passionate about.

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  1. These are all great ideas, I'm definitely going to use a couple of these this Christmas.


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