What's Cooking November 27th

The holiday season is here and in full swing. Did you have a nice Thanksgiving? Ours was filled with family, laughs, and lots of food. Just as I’d hoped, my dad sent me home with all kinds of goodies including the ham bone and turkey carcass. I’m looking forward to ham and bean soup and making homemade stock.

I also skipped kitchen day (again!) this week. We’ve all been fighting a cold and I decided to rest up and take it easy Monday. So you’ll see simple breakfast/lunches. Aldi had a huge meat sale-- or I just happened to shop at the right time (Tuesday instead of my usual Monday), but I stocked up. I got 40 pounds of meat for $38! Chicken leg/thigh quarters, boneless skinless breasts, drumsticks, ribeye steaks, country style ribs, and top round sirloin. When I got home, I portioned out the big packs of chicken into freezer bags. We don’t have a deep freezer, so if you don’t either, don’t be afraid to stock up when the price is right.

Here’s what’s going down in my kitchen this week.

Monday- Virus Killing Soup. I based my soup off this method, but used what I had on hand. The key is good quality bone broth, a whole head of garlic, lots of vegetables, and a healthy pinch of cayenne (helps the sinuses!).
Wednesday- Ham Steak with Corn Casserole and Peas
Thursday- Leftovers
Friday- Cheeseburgers with Oven Fries
Saturday- Quiche
Sunday- TBD. It’s my birthday and we’re cutting down our Christmas tree and decorating the house. We’ll see what sounds good to me…

Breakfast- “Carb Bar”. I have an assortment of bread, bagels, and croissants. They can be topped with jam, butter, peanut butter, or eggs if we’re feeling up to it. Pairing it with fruit.

Lunch- Mixed field green salad topped with with sausage.


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